Looking to book me? Great!

With over 20 years as an entrepreneur, I’m a great choice! My vast experience in everything from beauty to television will allow me to help you navigate some of the dos and don’ts of entrepreneurship. My drive for being my own boss started while I was still in high school. Like so many other young ladies, I became a teenage mother so I had no choice but to figure it out!

In my teens, I started in the esthetics and beauty industry and at the age of 21, I opened my first business! Ten years later the entertainment business came calling. Yes, “calling”! You see I didn’t go to school for anything related to the television industry and had no experience in that field, so its safe to say I didn’t pick television, television picked me. It hasn’t been easy but I’ve learned a lot in my 10 years and can certainly help you avoid some of the countless mistakes I’ve made. Aside from the beauty and television industry, my husband and I also opened a successful dental and orthodontic practice.

Not quite sure if owning your own business is for you? We can talk about that too. Still a student? Ok! Let’s talk about your future goals and how you can start planning for it now. My coaching sessions are built around YOU. We can talk about how to set a plan in motion that will help you grow in whatever it is that you are doing. Let’s build your confidence to make decisions that can help you take the next steps to get it DONE. Whether you are just getting started or looking to bring your game to another level, I can help. It is your time. Make your next move count!